GACTE Committees

GACTE Committees


To make decisions for the Association when it is not possible to convene the Board of Directors. This Committee shall be composed of the Past President, President and President-Elect, with the President serving as Chair.

Charge:  The Committee is charged with designing the systematic organization effectiveness systems, including the identification of organizational capabilities required to support such a plan. Further, the plan should provide input regarding performance metrics that will guide evaluation of the strategic and operational impact of the plan.  Committee work includes, but is not limited to the activities named below:

  1. Participation in the design and implementation of systematic organization effectiveness, including the identification of timely teacher education issues and programs and services that can best meet the needs of the teacher education community.
  2. Developing member feedback and evaluation methods to determine what programs and services should be developed and enhanced in response to the most recent member and prospective member research results.
  3. Assisting GACTE Board in developing prospective member partnership initiatives with AACTE and other GA professional organizations with a commitment to educator preparation.



To establish means the most effective means of communicating with the member institutions. To reactivate and maintain the web site.

Charge: The Committee will develop and implement a marketing plan to ensure that member institutions are kept informed in a consistent and comprehensive manner.  This shall include the GACTE website, newsletters, etc.   The Committee will provide professional education preparation by gathering information about issues facing educator preparation programs, and by facilitating communication and disseminating proven research and methods. The Committee will also consider effective vehicles and strategies for disseminating research findings and contribute to the capacity building of the member institutions.

Policy and Legislative

To identify individuals and issues which will have an impact on member institutions .  To establish a pro-active agenda to work with these individuals to maximize the positive effect of the issues and minimize negative impacts.

Charge:  To Committee will analyze educator preparation policies from national and/or regional governmental and non-governmental agencies, and develop appropriate strategies to assure legislation and regulations favorable to member institutions. The Committee will also provide leadership in the development of professional consensus on standards, assessment and practice in teacher preparation. The Committee should oversee the design and implementation of technical assistance related to professional standards and practice. Attention should be given to initiatives that support and strengthen linkages between the professional standards for educators, professional education preparation programs, and student learning. Additionally, the Committee will advocate for state and national accreditation, licensure, certification, and program approval in strengthening both the field and profession of education.

Professional Development

To lead in the development of professional opportunities, such as the Fall Conference, interaction with AACTE and other organizations.

Charge: To recommend professional development and technical assistance activities to strengthen member programs and build their capacity to prepare educators who can teach every child effectively. In order to fulfill this charge, the committee will:

  1. Assist in assessing the professional development and technical assistance needs of the membership
  2. Advise the Board in the Identification of themes and strands for the Annual Meeting, draft the Call for Proposals, and coordinate the proposal solicitation process
  3. Verify the review process and ensure all reviews are completed
  4. Recommend speakers for general sessions, major forums, and pre-conference workshops
  5. Advise on new formats for delivery of professional development and technical assistance



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