Strategic Plan, 2014-2017

Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (GACTE)

Strategic Plan



GACTE provides leadership on issues related to educator preparation, with primary focus on teacher education and promotes effective public policy regarding professional education, enhances and improves educator preparation programs at member institutions, and enhances the effectiveness of members.


GACTE is the leading voice in Georgia on educator preparation.

Value Statements

GACTE and its members hold central key values that undergird their work.

Serving all learners: Today’s educators enter highly diverse schools – students with disabilities, English language learners, gifted and talented students, children from low- income families, children with a multitude of racial, ethnic, cultural backgrounds, etc. – and GACTE members are committed to ensuring that their candidates are ready to be successful with all of their students.

Equity: Preparation programs are committed to preparing educators who have a deep belief that every child can learn and should be given equitable opportunities to learn.

High-quality learning: GACTE members are committed to providing high-quality learning environments both on their campuses and in PK-12 classrooms, where candidates practice what they learn frequently and under supervision of faculty and PK- 12 practitioners.

Professionalism: GACTE and its members prepare candidates who are ready to be not only successful educators but also members of the larger professional community. Candidates graduate from their programs with a clear understanding of the ethical responsibilities of being an educator and the opportunities for contributing to the larger good of their districts and states.

Diversity: GACTE members are committed to increasing the diversity of their faculty and the educators they prepare so that they more accurately reflect the diversity within PK-12 schools.

Scholarship and knowledge production: GACTE members are committed to high research standards and to producing scholarship that contributes to educational practice.

Accountability: GACTE members hold themselves to high standards and embrace accountability measures that demonstrate programs’ effectiveness and contribute to program improvement.

Infusing current knowledge and practices into programs: GACTE members are committed to preparing educators who understand how children learn and can utilize high-impact instructional strategies in their classrooms – such as leveraging technology, analyzing student data, etc.

Advocacy: GACTE endeavors to expand the influence its members have on educational policy and practice.

Professional development: GACTE is committed to supporting leadership development of its members.

Collaboration with PK-12 education stakeholders: GACTE values partnerships with stakeholders such as professional organizations, agencies, businesses, and non-profit groups that promote the successful professional preparation of effective P-12 practitioners.

Strategic Goals

1. Review and modify, if necessary, a committee structure that parallels AACTE and mobilize committees based on annually identified GACTE priorities.

a. Consider establishment of Professional Development Committee

b. Conduct external audit

c. Seek 501c-6 status

d. Consider 1-2 committees: Communications Committee / Membership Development and Capacity

e. Establish guidelines for Lucindia Chance Award

f. Consider establishment of awards: Teacher-Mentor Award, Educator Preparation Faculty Award, Dissertation Award

2. Ensure that GACTE’s mission is met.

a. Conduct a review of the GACTE Constitution and Bylaws

b. Develop a Three-year Strategic Plan for the organization

3. Develop and implement an advocacy plan for educator preparation at the state level in matters of legislative policy, and regulatory matters related to initial and advanced educator preparation and licensure.

a. Develop an advocacy plan.

b. Respond to Teacher Education Regulations once released

c.  Organize Day on the Hill activities

d.  Address advanced degree’s non-pay

4. Develop a statewide initiative showcasing excellence in educator preparation.

a. Participate in SPARK initiative using AACTE Chapter grant funds secured for 2014-15

b. Participate in Statewide Induction Model (SWIM) initiative


Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (GACTE) is an affiliate of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). The views expressed on this website are the views of GACTE.